Introducing… Baby!

Getting a leg up for the futureSo, here’s one of the first shots of the little one taken by a very intrusive paparazzi.  She has since been taken care of, but we thought we’d post these here before they hit the tabloids.  This is actually a while ago, in mid-march.  You can see by the well labeled “Leg up” posture, that there was training for the kickboxing rounds that are now going on.

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2 Responses to Introducing… Baby!

  1. Grandpop says:

    I’m glad to see something on the news besides Kate and her husband. I’m still pulling for 9/22/11 coming in at 7/8. Keep up the good work – studing, eating right, excersise, good vities, and plenty of rest… especially in September. It seems funny seeing UNCLE ADAM
    Love you guys

  2. Teresa Fox White says:

    Ahhh.. I can not wait to welcome the babe. I am suggesting the name Elle for a girl and Patrick for a boy.


    Good luck and God bless

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