Shower Pics

Last week, on August 6th, our wonderful family and friends hosted a baby shower in celebration of Baby Oswald.  Festivities included good company, great conversation, excessive amounts of food, and Piñatas!  Baby Oswald made out very well with some very adorable stuff.  Thanks to Linda and Chuck Tucker and Toni for capturing the day.

Thanks to everyone who could make it, and for your generosity as we prepare for our new arrival.

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One Response to Shower Pics

  1. Grandma says:

    Everything looks so amazing, and beautiful… The dresser is so nice, saw snoopy in the stuffed animal pile, and the cradle is just georgous.
    I just told grandpa that you’re little prodigy is sooo smart he knows a good place when he has one, and may not be goin anywhere…. nice and warm where he is, and lots of good food and attention!

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