First Zoo Visit

Yesterday marked our first visit to the Philadelphia Zoo. ¬†Marlowe slept pretty much the whole time, but we think she had a great time. ¬† We did miss the elephants, but we’ll have to visit them at their new Pittsburgh home sometime!

She looks so excited, doesn't she?

She looks so excited, doesn't she?

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3 Responses to First Zoo Visit

  1. Unclue Adam says:

    RHINO!!! I hope you got to spend time in the monkey house! Last time I was at the zoo I frightened a peacock into the tiger cage before feeding time. Then it was ushered forth the idea of h’orderves, and the finalized end-cap to my theory on “bird brained moves.” (for Marlowe: Theories are unproven ideas concerning things people have put far too much confident reliance on. These are often times not fully deserved accolades, but on occasion the theory is good enough for basic laziness to take over and no longer question but just accept the idea. Please don’t grow to fall victim to laziness in thinking, question anything you want. Good night.)

  2. Unclue Adam says:

    (For Marlowe: Spell better than I do. Also shower sometimes and cut your finger nails on a progressive constant. If you cut one fingernail a day and just keep cycling you get nice nails and you don’t have to remember randomly; it just becomes something you do.)

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