So, my out of town friends came in for a pre-thanksgiving weekend, and we set up our “Fauxtobooth.”  Originally invented for our wedding, my overly creative and geeky friends designed it out of a home-brewed linux shell script and some photography equipment.   We decided to set it up and have some fun with Marlowe.  A star was born, photobooth style.


The raw fauxtobooth setup

The photos are shown as a slideshow on the TV instantly after they’re taken – so everyone has a good time, fueled by a bit of creative one-upsmanship.  Here they are, for your viewing pleasure!

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2 Responses to Fauxtobooth!

  1. Grandpa Oswald says:

    Ahhhh, left the comment in the wrong place. Leave it to an old geeker! Can’t keep up wid u yung uns!

  2. Mom says:

    That turkey hat has been one of my best parenting investments yet.

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