9 Months, continued…

Over the last 9 months, Marlowe has grown into quite an adventurer.  Right now, as I am typing this, I am watching her climb underneath a table (over the leg bar).  She is always searching for new things to climb and crawl over.

Our stairs are on strict lockdown now.  Poor Knox needs a kitty door to get upstairs.  Which brings me to Marlowe’s next great passion.  Cat-hunting.  It’s catch and release, don’t worry.  Knox is slowly (very slowly) beginning to like tolerate our newest family member.  It’s perfect timing too because our little speed crawler can get her cornered really quickly now.  Knox has even allowed a few pats before taking off upstairs to the relax in what’s left of her kid-free world.

Marlowe’s adventureousness doesn’t exclude the dinner table.  She loves trying new foods.  Tomatoes, cucumber, black beans, and guacamole have topped her list recently.  She also does a pretty good job on corn on the cob with her two new teeth.

She has even been known to steal food from unsuspecting Grandpas (avocado) and from the depths of Mommy’s lunch bag.

Food thief enjoying the spoils of her crime - Mommy's peach

Marlowe has also been working on a few new faces.  Her “cute face” was overused in May and has since been put on reserve for the day she asks Daddy for a car.

But, Daddy, I neeeed it...

There was also a week when her “I’m finished” signal to us at dinner was to act like the food she was previously munching with gusto was suddenly tainted with poison, or possibly had gone sour in the time it took us to grab the camera and capture a few of these:

What are you feeding me?

In other news, Marlowe’s Aunt Toni graduated in May with her Doctorate in Psychology. Marlowe was there to cheer her on at the graduation (Marlowe’s first to attend) and celebrate this tremendous accomplishment at Aunt Toni’s graduation party.

Yay Aunt Toni!

Marlowe helped co-host the party by making sure all her friends were comfortable and well entertained.

Marlowe even got to finally meet a few of new friends!

Marlowe's New BFF

Potential In-Laws

Despite not being able to partake in the cake, Marlowe seemed to really enjoy the party.  Congratulations again Aunt Toni!

Aunt Toni's Graduation Cake, created by Nana!

Talk to you all again soon!

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