Beach Bum – 2012

Last weekend we traveled to Wildwood, NJ to introduce Marlowe to the beach.  She woke up early Saturday morning (presumably because she couldn’t contain her excitement any longer), so in consideration of our gracious (and sleeping) hosts, we headed out for a family jog to get Marlowe’s first look at the the ocean.

We have been trying to raise Marlowe to be polite and greet new friends, so upon spotting the ocean, she immediately began waving.

Marlowe, Ocean. Ocean, Marlowe.

Later that morning, Aunt Toni joined us for a bike ride to the boardwalk.  Marlowe hasn’t quite inherited her dad’s love of biking yet, but she tolerates the bike seat and helmet long enough to get to the destination and then manages to sleep on the way back.

After lunch, we decided it we had waited long enough to test the water.  We suited Marlowe up in her bathing suit and sundress and returned to the beach.  As soon as we set Marlowe on the sand, it was clear she was intrigued.

Well this is new…

Dad, have you seen this??

It was a chilly day, but the water was perfect.  She looked like an old pro with her little sand bucket.

Marlowe showed no fear of the waves and screamed and kicked with joy every time one crashed near her.

This. Is. Awesome.

After a long time playing, Marlowe decided it was time for lunch.  Marlowe happily munched on a peach and some bread from Sarcone’s Bakery, courtesy of Mr. Giordano.

Future Bread Snob

And, maybe a bit of sand…

No, Mom. I would never eat sand. Why do you ask?







All in all, it was a pretty great trip and we are hoping to plan at at least one more before then end of the summer.


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4 Responses to Beach Bum – 2012

  1. Aunt Toni says:

    I knew Marlowe would love the beach and the ocean!!! She was so cute…pointing at the ocean and even waving goodbye to the beach on our last day! She loved it!! I know she will become my future boogie boarding pal! I just hope she grows up to like seafood too! I miss my sand baby already!!

    • Mom says:

      I wish you could add a picture to a reply because I have some great ones of Marlowe on our boogie boards when we got home. I definitely think you are right!

  2. Robert Jones says:

    Great pictures – she’s getting to be a real kid… can’t wait to see her when we get home.

  3. Grandpa Oswald says:

    Looks like a great times was had by all except for a couple of grandparents land locked here in Pburgh. Pics are great and another GREAT job on the narative. And most of all our little grand-kid is just as awesome as ever.

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