First Family Bike Ride


Ranger Monterey, Year Unknown

Yesterday while out for a walk for some iced coffee, we happend upon a yard sale. After a friendly chat with the family there, we noticed a nice, classic beach cruiser style 3 speed bike for sale. Once again proving me wrong, she was able to finally find a “new” bike for under $20. A little bit of elbow grease, and it really cleaned up well.

This (and possibly the promise of a bike ride for ice cream) finally motivated me to put on the baby seat that we got for Marlowe. She was a big help, as always!

Gearin' Up

Dad, these tools taste great!

After some wrangling, we got Marlowe’s helmet all fitted to her. She seemed to like her new hat, however once she got in the bike seat, it kept sliding down and covering her eyes. This seemed to cut down the excitement a bit. Nonetheless, she seemed to enjoy it! We rode for a refreshing treat on these hot days. Looking forward to many more rides, at least until she gets a bike of her own.

Ready for an Adventure

Hey Dad, this hat is kinda annoying.

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2 Responses to First Family Bike Ride

  1. Grandpa Oswald says:

    Really nice to see the new pics and ogleMarlowe! It is always interesting to read your comments too. You have a great way with words!

  2. Grandpa Oswald says:

    Meant to say what a neat bike you found and the cost is even better!

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