Pittsburgh Adventures

The Pittsburgh Zoo

A couple weeks ago the Joneswald crew headed back to the ‘burgh to see the elder yinzers. We brought Marlowe along for a couple new adventures.   On Saturday, we explored the Pittsburgh Zoo with Grandpa.  This would mark Marlowe’s second visit to a zoo, but the first where she was actually awake during any part.

On our trip we saw:




and beavers, oh my!
(the bear exhibit was mostly under construction)

What’s a Lee-mix?

We also saw some giraffes, elephants, and the new baby sea lion. Also of note was a young whippersnapper wondering what a “Mario Le-mix” was.  We hope his parents explained that he is a rare breed of the fastest, most accurate ice mammals.

Kennywood’s Historic Merry Go Round



On Sunday, we took a trek to the famous Kennywood.  Even though Marlowe stood on her tippy-toes, she was still a bit too short for most rides, but she did get a couple rides on the Merry Go Round.


The weather was a bit spotty, which meant the lines were at a minimum!  While Marlowe was hamming it up getting all the other park-goers to say how cute she was, we snuck off and grabbed a couple rides ourselves.  All in all, we had a great time!  Can’t wait to take the little baron on her first ride on the Thunderbolt!

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