16 months – Life as a toddler

Marlowe is officially 16 months old and, boy, what a difference a few weeks makes!  On January 7th, Marlowe moved to the toddler room at her school.  It was a long overdue move, but we were waiting for the holidays to end before transitioning her.  She loves it!  I honestly cannot say enough about her excitement for school now.  Randy rarely gets a goodbye, let alone any tears when he drops her off in the morning.  And they have been home late a number of times in the last few weeks because Marlowe simply doesn’t want to leave.  She loves her teacher and all the “big kid” toys.  They have a toy kitchen, a slide, lots of books and tiny, kid-sided couch.  And scooters.  (Scooters!)  Since her move, she has insisted on an earlier bedtime.  One has to be well rested to keep up with the big kids…

Marlowe’s first day in her new class

We can really see her blossoming now.  Her vocabulary has jumped in the last few weeks, adding “turtle,” “dog” (not just the growling that used to be dog…), “yellow,” “blue,” “bubbles,” and lots and lots of “uhoh” (which does have me wondering what kind of trouble she is causing at school…).  She can also identify lots of body parts now (eyes, ear, nose, mouth, hands, feet, belly, and her favorite — belly button).  It seems that every day she has grasped something new.  It really is amazing to watch.

Marlowe has also been helping a lot in the kitchen.  Thanks to her very handy daddy, she has a new folding stand so she can safely reach the counter.  She loves washing and sorting fruits and vegetables while I cook.  She also enjoys playing with her very own kitchen as well.  Her favorite activities seem to be filling cups with “water” from her little sink.  With sound effects (ssshhhhhhh…).

Little Chef

Every day she makes us laugh with her great sense of humor and her overall silliness.  She is constantly talking and singing.  She has a lot to say.  We can’t wait until we understand it.

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One Response to 16 months – Life as a toddler

  1. Gramps Jones says:

    She is getting to be her own person now – such a cutie. I just love the pose with the mic – I was having flashbacks of Saturday Night Fever as well as visions of Annie complete with a red dress.
    The fun is just beginning – there will be many happy and exciting years to come. Enjoy them all time passes so quickly when you work. We can’t wait to see her when we get home.

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