Marlowe’s 15 month update

Well, once again we can’t believe how quickly Marlowe is growing up. Over the last three months she has really developed her personality. She constantly has us laughing now. She loves music and dancing. Especially on her “stage”. Thanks again to Aunt Michelle for Marlowe’s microphone, which has certainly encouraged performances.

Our Little Rockstar

She has also started exploring her artistic side (taking after Uncle Brandon, I guess). She loves playing with playdoh and coloring. We’re still working on limiting her attempts at clothing design.

Fun with playdoh

This is the first year Marlowe has really gotten to experience the chiller seasons. She had a lot of fun in the Fall visiting Milburn Orchards, tasting apple cider, taking a hayride, feeding animals, racing through a hay maze, and picking out pumpkins.

She also loved jumping in the leaf pile in our front yard.

She has also enjoyed Winter so far. We visited the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia in early December. Marlowe loved the kid-sized Rita’s Water Ice stand. Maybe she’ll take after her cousin Laura and dish out water ice part-time in high school.

Employee of the Month December 2028?

Getting ready for the holidays was also fun with Marlowe this year. We were tempted to cram our days with holiday themed activities, but held back. A little. We did cover quite a bit though. Here are a few pictures of Marlowe celebrating Hanukkah, helping pick out our Christmas tree, making salt ornaments with Aunt Taty and Mommy, visiting the Love Park Christmas village and discovering the wonders of Santa and life-sized nutcrackers.

It’s been a busy last three months (read: possible excuse for not updating this blog sooner…), but it has been a lot of fun. We are truly enjoying this stage of Marlowe’s life. Her personality shines more every day. We cannot wait to see what other adventures she has in store for us.

Next up: Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, Marlowe’s second Christmas, New Years, and maybe, just maybe, a reasonably sized portion of the thousand or so photos we (Randy) took in Ireland.



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One Response to Marlowe’s 15 month update

  1. Cousin Laura says:

    I’m honored to share my extensive knowledge of scooping water ice. Marlowe will make history with her constant Employee of the Month awards. Though that picture indicates she’s already a pro. Hopefully I can offer something she doesn’t already know. ????

    Love you guys!

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