18 months and beyond…

Marlowe has officially reached the year and a half mark and every day she becomes more and more of a big kid.  She is extremely independent now and basically does not believe there is anything she can’t do, including setting up her own foot stool at the bathroom sink, washing vegetables and fruit for dinner, cutting her own food (with a butter knife), cleaning up after a meal, brushing her teeth, feeding the cat, the list goes on and on.

Baking   Shopping with baby   Brushing

This makes life a bit more difficult at times.  But it certainly makes things a little more fun and a lot more interesting.  We love watching our baby girl grow into a full fledged toddler learning something new every day.  Right now her favorite activities are singing (wheels on the bus, yankee doodle, twinkle twinkle and itsy bitsy spider are chart toppers at our house) and running (mostly while screaming with her arms in the air).  ”Marlowe” has also started a garden.  We are hoping to get quite a harvest this year.  Marlowe helped plant the seeds and keep them well watered with her new watering can, thanks to Aunt Toni.

Planting seeds

Water girl

We recently transplanted our many seedlings to our garden.  Since then, watering has become more, umm, exciting.  Marlowe has enjoyed the upgrade to the hose a lot…  She loves playing in the dirt as well.










So far, this age has been the most fun.  And that, coupled by the warm spring weather has made for some really great days with our favorite girl.  We are looking forward to spring runs and bike rides, days at the park and Longwood Gardens, trips to the zoo and the children’s museums and hopefully a few summer beach adventure days.


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  1. Gramps says:

    What a great update – she is getting really busy… must take after her mom. It’s wonderful that she wants to get so involved, and has fun doing it. Love the comments about singing and running through the house at full speed screaming – that’s what little girls do… can’t wait for the sleep-overs. Enjoy!!!

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