Seattle – Marlowe visits Uncle Adam

In February, Randy was sent to a conference in Seattle, which happens to be the home of Marlowe’s Uncle Adam.  So, the whole family tagged along and Marlowe and I got to spend some bonus time with Adam (before his trip to Wilmington in the near future, hint, hint Adam…).  We are bit nervous flying with Marlowe, despite our success in Ireland, since this time we were flying with a toddler.  But, she again proved to be a nearly perfect flyer.  This time she had her very own toddler-sized suitcase, which made the airport a bit more fun.  And, due to a significant flight delay, she made good use of the Please Touch Museum’s in-airport playground (thank you Please Touch, a lot).

Have backpack, will travel

Marlowe’s airport dinner and a glimpse of her suitcase









We arrived in Seattle very late, but the next morning we were ready to go.  Randy headed off to his conference and Marlowe and I called and text Adam persistently until he finally   got up for our Eastern Standard Time breakfast.

Baby’s First Seattle Coffee Shop









Uncle Adam seems impressed…







Somehow, our East Coast toddler managed to tour Seattle all day and hold it together (mostly) for a trip to the Seattle Children’s Museum.

And that was just one day…

Results of doing all of that in one day with jet-lagged toddler.

Day two of the conference, we continued our touring.

On the rest of our trip, Randy was able to join us for full days.  Our first stop was to Pike Place Market for breakfast and a rainy (surprising…) view.



Marlowe and Mommy at Lowell’s.





Rainy view of the harbor for breakfast.



All in all, it was a great trip.  It was nice for Marlowe and Uncle Adam to have some time after nearly a year apart.  And we had fun too.




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