Long overdue updates

Well, to say it has been a long time since our last update would be an understatement. It turns out that a two year old demands a lot of attention. And quite frankly, this age has been such a joy in our house that if given the choice between blogging or spending time painting, dancing, jumping, singing or snuggling with our little bug, I always pick the latter. Marlowe has grown so much in the last few months. Not only is she taller, giving her a true “kid” appearance, but developmentally, she is just so grownup. She is constantly sharing stories with us now or making up songs (most recently about Knox the cat, her car seat buckle and dug beetles (really…)). She also has an endless thirst for new knowledge now. She wants to learn everything. I often field requests for books or videos about side characters of books or something we mentioned quickly in conversation. As a result, the whole family is much more educated on the subjects of armadillos, giraffes, elephants, the Philadelphia Mummers, and, again, dung beetles (seriously, this kid loves bugs).

Marlowe is also very interested in learning about the changes in our family. In the Spring, she will step into her new role as big sister. We are all very excited. I am very impressed and proud of how well Marlowe has taken to the news. She is so loving towards her new “baby brother” (never baby sister despite declaring in no uncertain terms recently that her “baby brother” is a girl (Baby #2 Pool to follow…). She keeps stocking her toys away for the baby and loves attending our doctor’s appointments so she can hear the baby’s heartbeat (and play with the waitingroom school bus). Given this interest and she current obsession with our friends’ babies, we are hopeful we have an excellent big sister in the making. Be on the look out for big sister/baby photos when the weather warms in a few months (life slows down as you add more kids, right?).

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