Seattle round 2

This year my youngest brother moved to Seattle as well. When Randy’s conference overlapped with his birthday this Spring, we decided a family visit was in order for all 3.5 of us. So, I had the opportunity to travel alone with a toddler while 8 months pregnant. And it turns out it worked out fine! Our girl really is a great flyer. She made me very proud.

The rest of the trip was great too. We got to spend a lot of time with her uncles and newly almost-minted aunt. My brother and his girlfriend got engaged just before our visited, so we got to celebrate a birthday and engagement in the same visit. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. It was great for everyone to get to know our little bug again since she has grown up so much since we were all together last. She played pinball with Uncle Brandon, hiked and learned the value of a good stick with Uncle Adam, and learned about beach rocks with Anjuli. Added bonus, we came home to 60 degree weather!

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