Beach Trip with Aunt Kimi

In August, Marlowe celebrated her Aunt Kimi’s birthday with a quick trip to the beach with one of her BFFs, Adriana, and a few of her other best pals.  Marlowe enjoyed playing with Adriana (and her toys), walked the boardwalk, and tasted devoured first first crabs.  I am not sure Aunt Toni ate half of the crabs she ordered.








Touring the boardwalk in style (and comfort)

The crew – second generation







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Beach Bum – 2012

Last weekend we traveled to Wildwood, NJ to introduce Marlowe to the beach.  She woke up early Saturday morning (presumably because she couldn’t contain her excitement any longer), so in consideration of our gracious (and sleeping) hosts, we headed out for a family jog to get Marlowe’s first look at the the ocean.

We have been trying to raise Marlowe to be polite and greet new friends, so upon spotting the ocean, she immediately began waving.

Marlowe, Ocean. Ocean, Marlowe.

Later that morning, Aunt Toni joined us for a bike ride to the boardwalk.  Marlowe hasn’t quite inherited her dad’s love of biking yet, but she tolerates the bike seat and helmet long enough to get to the destination and then manages to sleep on the way back.

After lunch, we decided it we had waited long enough to test the water.  We suited Marlowe up in her bathing suit and sundress and returned to the beach.  As soon as we set Marlowe on the sand, it was clear she was intrigued.

Well this is new…

Dad, have you seen this??

It was a chilly day, but the water was perfect.  She looked like an old pro with her little sand bucket.

Marlowe showed no fear of the waves and screamed and kicked with joy every time one crashed near her.

This. Is. Awesome.

After a long time playing, Marlowe decided it was time for lunch.  Marlowe happily munched on a peach and some bread from Sarcone’s Bakery, courtesy of Mr. Giordano.

Future Bread Snob

And, maybe a bit of sand…

No, Mom. I would never eat sand. Why do you ask?







All in all, it was a pretty great trip and we are hoping to plan at at least one more before then end of the summer.


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Pittsburgh Adventures

The Pittsburgh Zoo

A couple weeks ago the Joneswald crew headed back to the ‘burgh to see the elder yinzers. We brought Marlowe along for a couple new adventures.   On Saturday, we explored the Pittsburgh Zoo with Grandpa.  This would mark Marlowe’s second visit to a zoo, but the first where she was actually awake during any part.

On our trip we saw:




and beavers, oh my!
(the bear exhibit was mostly under construction)

What’s a Lee-mix?

We also saw some giraffes, elephants, and the new baby sea lion. Also of note was a young whippersnapper wondering what a “Mario Le-mix” was.  We hope his parents explained that he is a rare breed of the fastest, most accurate ice mammals.

Kennywood’s Historic Merry Go Round



On Sunday, we took a trek to the famous Kennywood.  Even though Marlowe stood on her tippy-toes, she was still a bit too short for most rides, but she did get a couple rides on the Merry Go Round.


The weather was a bit spotty, which meant the lines were at a minimum!  While Marlowe was hamming it up getting all the other park-goers to say how cute she was, we snuck off and grabbed a couple rides ourselves.  All in all, we had a great time!  Can’t wait to take the little baron on her first ride on the Thunderbolt!

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4th of July

This is almost as cool as our TV!

Marlowe recently celebrated her first Independence Day celebration.  Sadly, she is sixteen years removed from understanding Will Smith references, but we still had a great time.  We headed down to the riverfront to relax and had a take-out picnic with a few thousand of our closest friends.  Although we were worried that little Marlowe would be scared of the midair munitions, she was captivated for nearly two minutes before bravely losing interest.  After a long outing, she then quietly excused herself to dreamland, allowing her parents to navigate the slow tides of post-event traffic.

Mom, this is a bit embarrassing.

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First Family Bike Ride


Ranger Monterey, Year Unknown

Yesterday while out for a walk for some iced coffee, we happend upon a yard sale. After a friendly chat with the family there, we noticed a nice, classic beach cruiser style 3 speed bike for sale. Once again proving me wrong, she was able to finally find a “new” bike for under $20. A little bit of elbow grease, and it really cleaned up well.

This (and possibly the promise of a bike ride for ice cream) finally motivated me to put on the baby seat that we got for Marlowe. She was a big help, as always!

Gearin' Up

Dad, these tools taste great!

After some wrangling, we got Marlowe’s helmet all fitted to her. She seemed to like her new hat, however once she got in the bike seat, it kept sliding down and covering her eyes. This seemed to cut down the excitement a bit. Nonetheless, she seemed to enjoy it! We rode for a refreshing treat on these hot days. Looking forward to many more rides, at least until she gets a bike of her own.

Ready for an Adventure

Hey Dad, this hat is kinda annoying.

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9 Months, continued…

Over the last 9 months, Marlowe has grown into quite an adventurer.  Right now, as I am typing this, I am watching her climb underneath a table (over the leg bar).  She is always searching for new things to climb and crawl over.

Our stairs are on strict lockdown now.  Poor Knox needs a kitty door to get upstairs.  Which brings me to Marlowe’s next great passion.  Cat-hunting.  It’s catch and release, don’t worry.  Knox is slowly (very slowly) beginning to like tolerate our newest family member.  It’s perfect timing too because our little speed crawler can get her cornered really quickly now.  Knox has even allowed a few pats before taking off upstairs to the relax in what’s left of her kid-free world.

Marlowe’s adventureousness doesn’t exclude the dinner table.  She loves trying new foods.  Tomatoes, cucumber, black beans, and guacamole have topped her list recently.  She also does a pretty good job on corn on the cob with her two new teeth.

She has even been known to steal food from unsuspecting Grandpas (avocado) and from the depths of Mommy’s lunch bag.

Food thief enjoying the spoils of her crime - Mommy's peach

Marlowe has also been working on a few new faces.  Her “cute face” was overused in May and has since been put on reserve for the day she asks Daddy for a car.

But, Daddy, I neeeed it...

There was also a week when her “I’m finished” signal to us at dinner was to act like the food she was previously munching with gusto was suddenly tainted with poison, or possibly had gone sour in the time it took us to grab the camera and capture a few of these:

What are you feeding me?

In other news, Marlowe’s Aunt Toni graduated in May with her Doctorate in Psychology. Marlowe was there to cheer her on at the graduation (Marlowe’s first to attend) and celebrate this tremendous accomplishment at Aunt Toni’s graduation party.

Yay Aunt Toni!

Marlowe helped co-host the party by making sure all her friends were comfortable and well entertained.

Marlowe even got to finally meet a few of new friends!

Marlowe's New BFF

Potential In-Laws

Despite not being able to partake in the cake, Marlowe seemed to really enjoy the party.  Congratulations again Aunt Toni!

Aunt Toni's Graduation Cake, created by Nana!

Talk to you all again soon!

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9 Months

We really can’t believe Marlowe is already 9 months old.  That time frame sure did seem longer when we were waiting for Baby Oswald’s arrival.  Now that she’s here, time flies!

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8 Months

What you staring at Elephant?

Block Architecture 101

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7 Months

So, Marlowe was feeling a bit tired this night, and she fell asleep before her big photo shoot.  Fortunately, Mr. Elephant was around to keep her company.

The Peanut Gallery

You stay right here...

The next day she was feeling much better and was ready to flash that great smile.

7 Months + 1 Day

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6 Months

What a cutie bean

6 Months

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