5 Months

5 Months

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4 Months

As promised, here’s the 4 month picture:

Naps are for babies

4 Months

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3 Months

After a slight delay, here is Marlowe’s 3 month installment.  More to come!

What a cutie

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Marlowe’s First Egg Hunt

This morning, Marlowe enjoyed her first Easter Egg Hunt, courtesy of Aunt Jane and Naomi.  She had a great time searching for (and munching) plastic Easter eggs and playing with her cousins.  Hayden was the clear champion of the egg hunt, but Marlowe is hoping to give her some competition next year…

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Marlowes First Tastes – The good, the bad and the messy

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So, that’s a no on peas…

at least for now.

Thursday, Marlowe had her first taste of peas.  There was a bit less excitement than with carrots and pasta.

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The new and exciting world of solid foods!

Last Saturday, Marlowe had her first solid food.  And she loved it!  She seemed so excited that we were finally letting her eat real food.  I think she might enjoy this new adventure…

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Happy Fat Tuesday!

I won't say where I got these

Got any beads?


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New Jersey Aquarium

We got a great deal on an annual pass to the Camden Adventure Aquarium, so we recently took Marlowe on her first trip to meet the Hippos and her friends.  Marlowe enjoyed talking to the sharks, and unlike her first zoo trip, was awake the whole time (land animals are so boring).  And in Camden, sleeping with the fishes can be a real hazard.  Can’t wait to go back again!

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All in a Day’s Work…

I’m just hangin here 9-5, trying to get all these taggies munched.  Bunny keeps hanging around setting up meaningless meetings, and boss zebra is on my diaper about getting these rings rattled.

HR won’t even get me a real chair, I’ve just gotta bounce around all day long.  And
they sure do have a thing for those annoying protective foot coverings…

No wonder why I gotta hit the bottle 5 times a day.

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